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Mount Pelion

Mount Pelion itself stars in many of the greatest myths of ancient Greece. Its vast, green volume overlooking the Aegean Sea has always inspired folk stories making Pelion almost the second residence of the gods, after mount Olympus.

One of the most impressive myths describes mount Pelion as the weapon used by Peloreus the Giant who hurled it to god Dionysus during the battle of the Giants who rebelled against the 12 gods. Fortunately, god Ares caught the mountain in mid air preventing the deaths of his combatants and put it back in its place.
Besides being the residence of the Centaurs, mount Pelion was also the holiday resort and the preferred hunting grounds of the ancient gods, while a funny myth describes it as the location of a beauty pageant between the goddesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. Guess who won? Spoiler alert: it was Aphrodite who bribed Paris with the beautiful Helen of Troy, thus initiating the Trojan War, sung by Homer in his Iliad.

In other myths we find that from the ancient harbor of Iolkos (upon which settles the modern town of Volos) sailed Argo, the ship which carried Jason and the Argonauts to the ancient Colchis to retrieve the Golden Fleece.

The Seaside

Take your time to explore the nearby beaches of Papa Nero, Aghios Ioannis, Plaka, Aghioi Saranta and Fakistra. Relax under the sun, enjoy the crystal clear waters and indulge yourselves at the local delicious specialties you will find at a variety of small restaurants and tavernas, usually next to the seaside. While there, don’t forget to pay a visit to the little shops you will find almost everywhere and treat yourselves with the handmade sweets made of various sugared fruits, available to enjoy there or to take them with you at Chiron Residence or even back at home.
Trust us when we say that one spoonful is never enough.

The Mountain Slopes

Besides the seaside villages, and a very short drive away from Chiron Residence, you will find many areas to visit up on the mountain. Chania, Makrynitsa, Tsangarada and Zagora are only some of the picturesque mountain villages you will be able to visit, each one of them characterized by something special, either their architecture, cuisine or even some hidden art galleries you will not want to miss.
Built unevenly on the slopes of the mountain, those villages are well known for their cozy and friendly atmosphere, guaranteeing a serene refuge from the busy city life, many times hiding a small surprise at every corner.


if you are the adventurous winter type, Chiron Residence will not disappoint. The famous mount Pelion Ski Center is only a short drive away while the Aghios Dimitrios Wild Life Reserve is always worth visiting.

Even the seaside villages, during winter, mutate to a completely different landscape, more wild and dreamlike, with the waters of the Aegean Sea taking on their deepest blue and shining white colors, singing their windy, roaring melodies before bursting on the beach like dancing to a mystic choreography.

City of Volos

The seaside city of Volos, built on the ancient harbor of Iolkos is always worth visiting. Vibrant, colorful, with many interesting shops and restaurants, the city lies on the sea front offering a great promenade and numerous, very inviting stops, either for a snack or drink or a shopping experience.
The habitants of Volos as well as the “connaisseur” visitors know that the gourmet heart of the city beats in the old part of the town, very close to the railway station. There you will find the most famous “tsipouradika”, namely tavernas offering a “tapas-like” variety of Greek “mezedes” accompanied by the famous tsipouro, a pomace brandy the area of Thessaly is proud of.

When at Volos, give yourself the time to take a ride on the heritage train of Pelion, a 60cm gauge line, one of the narrowest of the world, offering a fascinating route from Ano Lechonia to Milies village, following the mountainous, breathtaking tracks.