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Chiron Residence

The Myths of Chiron

Chiron was the name of the most wise and righteous of the Centaurs, the mythological creatures with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse, living in Mount Pelion.

Born to Cronus the Titan but raised by god Apollo, Chiron was considered to excel in medicine, music, hunting, archery and gymnastics with renowned prophetic powers. His heritage combined with his vast knowledge made Chiron the first amongst Centaurs to tutor the greatest of his era; Theseus, Achilles, Patroclus, Jason, Perseus and even Hercules and Asclepius were some of his many pupils, mythology says.

Distinct amongst his kind for being polite, wise and sage, Chiron is also mentioned in the myth of the Argonauts as it was he who welcomed them in his residence in Pelion, during their voyage back to Greece, as many of the participating heroes were his friends and pupils.

The residence

When we created Chiron Residence we did not have just another vacation house in mind. Chiron Residence was made to be your home; a place we would happily live in ourselves. Thus we did not make any compromises in decorating and equipping this 120 sq. m. 3-level semi independent house with only the best.

Chiron Residence features all the amenities you will need in order to transform your stay to an absolute experience you will never forget. Just imagine your own house, in this magical place, waiting for you, any time of the year, available to accommodate your friends and family.

All you need to take with you is your clothes and your good mood.

The ground level

Entering the residence you will find a spacious living room area with the kitchen and the WC. The friendly, earthly colors and the distinguished decoration along with the chic yet comfortable furniture await you to offer many hours of pure relaxation and joy.

The living room area features a 2-person sofa, 3 armchairs, 1 pouffe, all inviting you to spend some quality time either watching a film or a show on the smart TV, or reading book or your newspaper in front of the fireplace. Moreover, you can enjoy the music from the radio. Doing absolute nothing but enjoying the calmness is also highly recommended. If the fireplace is not enough to keep you as warm as you need, you can also use the electrically operated underfloor heating system or add the warmth of the powerful independent air conditioning unit which will also keep you cool during summertime. Inside the living room, you will also find a book case holding maps and traveler’s books about the area (all in English), a wall mirror and many small tables.

The fully equipped kitchen with a 4-person table is ready to fulfill all your needs:
• 4-plate kitchen stove and oven
• Microwave oven
• INOX refrigerator featuring a tub for cold water
• Toaster
• Tea maker
• Coffee maker
• Water boiler
• An assortment of cutlery, plates, glasses and cups in all sizes, along with frying pans, pots, sauce pans and towels. Upon your arrival, a welcome basket will be waiting for you in the kitchen room.

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The upper level

Two bedrooms and a bathroom (with a bath tab) make part of the upper level of Chiron Residence, also following the detailed style of the living room and kitchen area. Fully air conditioned with two separate units, this floor will be a space of serenity and relaxation, offering a wide variety of amenities and comfort.
• The master bedroom features a twin bed with bedside tables and spacious closets where you will find an assortment of towels, bed sheets and a duvet.
• The second bedroom features two single beds with a bedside table in between them, plus another spacious closet keeping an assortment of towels, bed sheets and duvets.
• The upper level bathroom will not disappoint you, featuring a bath tab and the toilet.

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The sub level

The sub level of Chiron Residence is not lacking in surprises. There we have created for you another smaller yet cozy foyer, adjacent to the second master bedroom and the bathroom.
• Fully air-conditioned by an independent unit, the area features an enjoyable steam house and a practical storage room.
• In the spacious closets -more than enough for your clothes- you will also find an assortment of towels, blankets and bed sheets. Bedside tables are also available.
• The bathroom features a shower, the toilet and a washing machine

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The amenities

Chiron Residence also provides:
• An independent parking space for either two smaller cars or a bigger one.
• WiFi network
• A yard with a small bar and stools
• A built-in outside living room accessible from both the entrance hallway or the living room area
• Up to two baby cots and two baby seats are available (upon request)
• Fully equipped First Aid Kit
• Fire extinguisher